May 10, 2022

New AR solutions aim to protect worker and facility safety

The solutions include a "smart" AR mirror that can help determine if proper safety equiment is being used.

As construction, manufacturing, and other sectors’ adoption of AR technology continues to expand, CJ OliveNetworks, a Korean company specializing in lifestyle-based IT services, is looking into developing AR-based safety solutions.

Together with Aria Edge, an AR service provider, CJ OliveNetworks recently announced three solutions developed to help business operators safely and conveniently manage facilities: an AR Safety Instrumented System (SIS); an AR Remote Control; and Smart Mirror. Similar to other AR solutions in the market, the SIS and the Remote Control solutions make it easier to perform tasks around a site by allowing workers and managers to place smart markers that display a list of tasks through smartphones or tablets, and communicate through a single server, respectively.

On the more innovative side, the Smart Mirror solution allows workers to quickly identify if they’re wearing the right gear, like hazard suits, safety helmets, gloves, and masks, when entering, for example, semiconductor plants or food factories. By standing in front of a screen with a camera, the device will identify workers by scanning iris patterns, then scan their gear, and notify managers if it is inappropriate.            

CJ OliveNetworks is constantly looking into ways to improve AR, VR, Machine Learning, and AI technologies. In 2018, the company showcased AR Place Lab, a mobile app service for viewing goods in advance using Apple’s AR platform, ARKit. In late 2019, CJ OliveNetworks partnered with Immerse UK, the UK’s only membership organization dedicated to developing immersive technology solutions, to use its Virtual Enterprise Platform to expand virtual reality (VR) education.

Moreover, CJ OliveNetworks’ ELiSS logistics operation system, an intelligent integrated control center, provides real-time monitoring and control of on-site operations and risks. The control center takes advantage of AR/VR technologies through cutting-edge IoT technology, including indoor positioning technology, to provide efficiency and automation in logistics control and facilities and a real-time update of on-site resource (workforce, equipment, and facilities) location and operation. Last year, the company began constructing a 17,000 m2 Unmanned Pharmaceutical and Medical Smart Logistics Center in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, to enable the storage of as many as 30,000 pallets of drugs and medical supplies simultaneously.

“Our solutions are aimed at preventing accidents and securing the safety of workers at the same time through new technologies like AI and AR,” a CJ OliveNetworks’ official said. “By raising productivity and improving the working environment, the three solutions would also contribute to the ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) management.”


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