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July 24, 2018

MobiLive makes it easy to view BIM on a tablet


After introducing the HoloLive AR App for HoloLens last year, VisualLive recently released MobiLive.

Just like HoloLive, MobiLive allows you to place true scale BIM models on site coordinates, and manipulate them to visualize how it looks in the real world, or during different construction phases. However, instead of importing the BIM models to Microsoft’s HoloLens, MobiLive imports them to an iPhone/iPad with one click on VisualLive Revit and Navisworks direct plugins, or on the web portal.

Although it is great to have the ability to visualize the models everywhere you go by taking out a phone from your pocket, navigating through a BIM model using an iPhone/iPad screen isn’t ideal. That’s why VisuaLive added a “Navigation mode” to MobiLive.

The Navigation mode features three different settings: the third and first-person view; and the orbit settings. Similar to a video game, with only a difference in perspective, the third-person and first-person views allow you to navigate through the model using two on-screen joysticks. The orbit setting puts you in a fly-through mode, allowing you to move in and out the model however you like. The Navigation mode features a location tracker to allow you to see your location in context to the whole project.

Furthermore, VisualLive also made integrations with project management tools and multiple cloud services for real-time facility management, collaboration, and documentation.

If you want to try out the software you can request a license for a Free Trial.





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