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May 4, 2012

MDL hires to create new Technical Services division

Houston – Measurement Devices Limited announced their new Technical Services division with the addition of several laser scanning veterans to serve the U.S., Central, and South American markets. It was created, the company said in a release, to empower customers by providing access to MDL technology and expertise through hardware and software support, as well as through knowledge transfer.

Jonathan White has been hired to head the Americas portion of the new division. His primary role will be to manage product technical support, training and integrated consulting operations.

White has more than a decade of experience in laser scanning project management, hardware and software development and workflow implementation. His early years in the industry were spent testing hemispherical scanning systems and user interface applications, as well as training customers in field data capture and post processing operations. He has also consulted for numerous large scale contracts across the globe and managed hundreds of laser scanning projects across multiple industries including oil and gas, nuclear, architectural, civil Infrastructure, mining and historical preservation.

As head of technical services, White will provide technical expertise to support the firm’s existing core business as an equipment manufacturer, and in its new direction, as a complete support solutions provider of equipment rentals, consultation and training.

“We’re really just aiming to strengthen the capabilities of our customers and the lidar industry as a whole by narrowing the knowledge gap for end users,” White said in a statement. “Practical experience is the best way to gain an understanding of the strengths and limitations of laser measurement technology, and we’re assembling a team of what we believe to be the best and brightest in this business. Many firms out there don’t share best practices with others in the industry, but we see that as a hindrance to industry growth, which would ultimately benefit us all. Customers come to us for a no-nonsense approach to knowledge transfer and we’re happy to provide those services.”

Also joining MDL’s Technical Services division in the Americas are product specialists Joshua Feemster and Phil Barker. Both carry an extensive background in terrestrial 3D laser scanning across a broad range of industries including oil and gas, civil infrastructure, architecture, construction management, topographic surveys, nuclear, mining, BIM and historical preservation, according to a release. Feemster and Barker will bolster the MDL product line through enhanced technical support, training and consultation services while also drawing from their terrestrial scanning background to help MDL extend its global support network into new and emerging markets. 

COO Travis Reinke stated, “We are very excited to have Jonathan, Josh and Phil join our firm. I have a great deal of respect for these gentlemen and their knowledge of the industry. Our goal is to boost MDL’s technical capabilities by building a team of lidar industry experts that can provide added value to our customers and partners. We are looking to employ the best of the best … and this is a great start.”

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