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February 15, 2018

Matterport hits $2,495 with the new Pro2 Lite


These days, the price of 3D reality capture devices is dropping precipitously… and it shows no signs of stopping. The latest proof: Matterport has announced the Pro2 Lite, a version of its Pro2 HD reality capture device that brings the price down from $4k to $2.5k.

There are a few key differences between the two systems. First, the Lite is a shade lighter, weighing in at 6.8 lb (3.1 kg) to its big brother’s 7.6 lb (3.5 kg). Second, the system has a lower battery life, at four hours per charge compared to the Pro2’s eight hours. Still, that’s more than enough to work with, as Matterport promises that the Pro2 Lite will scan up to 8,000 square feet (743 square meters) at a time.

Other than a different pricing structure, every other specification is virtually identical between the two models. As such, Matterport is positioning the device as an entryway into its ecosystem, or a solution for “businesses who are just getting started with Matterport.”

The company hopes the system will entice users of the many reality capture solutions that generate an immersive walkthrough using a 360° camera like the Ricoh Theta. To separate itself from these solutions, Matterport refers to its own technology as producing “True3D,” meaning that they offer fully immersive walkthroughs, as well as their 3D “dollhouse” view, and smooth transitions when moving. True3D, the company says, offers “an immediate understanding of scale, and illustrates spatial relationships within a property.”

As with other products in the Matterport portfolio, the Pro2 Lite should appeal to users in real estate, AEC, travel, retail, and any application that benefits from high-quality 3D visuals.

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