April 25, 2017

Matterport: 3D Tech isn’t Just About Measurement Anymore

A Matterport dollhouse view of a construction project in progress

Matterport’s presence at this year’s SPAR 3D conference and expo was a sign of change for commercial 3D technology.

Why? The company’s low-cost cameras, which enable users to generate 3D tours of a space, are among a new class of products entering the market: sensors that value 3D visualization over measurement. Sure, you can use Matterport’s camera and software to generate colored point clouds, and you can use those point clouds to grab measurements, but ultra-precise measurement isn’t the point—and it’s a big deal for commercial 3D tech that this kind of product is succeeding.

To find out why users have taken to Matterport’s camera and learn about the creative ways AEC professionals are using it, I caught up with manager of business developer Tomer Poran. Catch our conversation below.

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