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May 18, 2017

Maser Consulting to Offer UAS Lidar Services

Engineering design firm Maser Consulting recently entered the UAS service market. Maser says that UAS lidar data will be integrated with mobile and terrestrial lidar data to help the firm support more types of projects, including survey within the power utility, oil & gas, environmental, emergency response, and asset management industries.

Maser also said that the flexibility of the UAS will allow them to spread out and offer services in more areas than before. “Since UAS services are mobile in nature, it’s enabled the firm to perform this unique set of services virtually anywhere in the nation,” said Kevin Haney, president and COO.

In a complementary move, Maser has also opened a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina to provide services for oil & gas, utility, and renewable energy industries. The new services include land acquisition for right of way projects such as pipeline, electric transmission, and upstream land acquisition. Maser has also opened a new office in Miami and Orlando, and expanded its office in Tampa.

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