April 12, 2016

Leica Makes Major Updates to Cyclone, CloudWorx, JetStream


At this year’s SPAR 3D Expo and Conference, Leica Geosystems is featuring a number of updates to their core line of HDS software. The company says that the features added to Cyclone, CloudWorx, and Jetstream help build a “better, faster, and more complete point cloud end-to-end solution.”

The updates include support for more sensors, improved image processing, better BIM integration, and a significant change to viewing perspective in Cyclone. Read on for details.

Cyclone: Integrate More Sensor Data

Cyclone, which was already able to import and manage data from a variety of sources, now supports a few new sensors.

The expanded list of compatible devices includes some newer mapping technologies such as DotProduct handheld scanners and SpheronLite external High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras, which capture 360° imagery. The software also now supports data from Leica’s own Pegasus:Backpack mobile mapper.

Once in Cyclone, the data from these newer mapping technology is available for use in any of Leica’s related workflows.

Image Processing

Leica is also highlighting some new image processing capabilities in their HDS workflow.

They’ve announced the panorama importer for Cyclone, which automatically aligns a scan with corresponding imagery captured by a SpheronLite or NCTech iSTAR camera. After that, a new HDR Tone Mapper tool allows users to tweak the color of the colorized point cloud to their liking.

Users can also publish this data directly to JetStream ProjectVault, making panoramic imagery available in JetStream Viewer, and adding “the dimension of immersive photorealism” to their capture workflow.



CloudWorx and BIM

Significant upgrades have been made to Cloudworx to expand BIM workflow integration.

CloudWorx versions for AutoCAD, Revit, and MicroStation all include a new steel filter built with catalog support. The fit section and flange work point tools in these applications are also now compatible with JetStream data, meaning users can draw and model with high-fidelity point clouds as a reference point.

CloudWorx for Revit has been updated for improved BIM interoperability with Cyclone. The addition of Cyclone Object Exchange means that objects modeled in Cyclone can be imported into Revit “and retain their intelligence.” The data exchange works in the other way as well: objects modeled in Revit can be exported for use in Cyclone.

The CloudWorx Clash Manager previously developed for CloudWorx for Navisworks is now available in CloudWorx for Revit.

Free Views

Last, but not least, TruView has been updated so that view perspective is no longer “locked” to the physical locations where the scan was performed. Now, the perspective of a TruView can be set to “any user-defined point in 3D space. Set TruView positions from a precise, user-defined height above the ground surface, or from a current camera angle.”

Users could, for example, “add a TruView at every street intersection showing city assets geotagged in Cyclone and captured with Pegasus:Two, or inside a ceiling space to show HVAC system modeled with CloudWorx for Revit and captured with a DotProduct scanner, or at a driver’s head position to show the exact driver’s view in a forensic case.”

Leica will be featuring these updates in their booth at SPAR 3D, and the new software is slated for release on April 18th, 2016.

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