January 11, 2022

Keynote preview: What is the future of digital collaboration?

We spoke with Geo Week keynote Amy Peck about how close she thinks our shared digital future is for the workplace.

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The idea of being able to collaborate virtually, in 3D, from different places in real-time has been a dream of many. Whether it is the ability to appear at a remote meeting as a hologram, or to look at the same digital model from miles away, being able to have a physical presence is often portrayed as something futuristic and imagined by science fiction writers and futurists.

But, the reality of this may be closer than we think. Amy Peck, founder and CEO of EndeavorXR, has been following the development of key technologies that may make this type of virtual collaboration possible - and even make it standard practice in some industries. According to Peck, the conditions are right for development of professional-grade virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences.

“Our workforce is changing - we now have many remote colleagues and teams. We have busy executives trying to balance travel and meetings with company and personal priorities. We can’t be everywhere at once… or can we?”

For Peck, who has spent the good part of the last decade investigating how virtual reality can be used as a powerful enterprise tool, and not just as an entertainment device, the answer is yes.

“The digital landscape is now front and center – we're already interacting with it, but right now it is all in 2D. We live in a 3D world, and we have trained ourselves to interact with data and experience in 2D. The opportunity to reshape how we do everything in 3D - by jumping off screens and making the entire world our screen – that's really exciting.”

There are a handful of technologies that will enable that transition, including cloud rendering, cloud services, edge computing, and 5G. During her keynote presentation, Amy will cover some of the ways in which these developments are already being implemented - and her vision about how we may interact in the very near future. 

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