February 1, 2005

iQvolution Update

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The following material is extracted from Capturing Existing Conditions with Terrestrial Laser Scanning: A Report on Opportunities, Challenges and Best Practices for Owners, Operators, Engineering/Construction Contractors and Surveyors of Built Assets and Civil Infrastructure, a report published by Spar Point Research LLC.  

Founded in 2000 by CEO Dr. Bernd-Dietmar Becker and his brother Dr. Reinhard Becker, president and CTO, iQvolution in collaboration with iQsun, the company’s wholly owned manufacturing division, markets the iQsun line of phase-based laser scanners.

iQvolution counts some of the world’s most respected automotive manufacturers among the companies executing projects with its products today. These companies report to us that iQvolution technology is well suited to capturing existing-conditions data in their manufacturing facilities. Specifically, customers report that the high-resolution data produced by the iQsun scanners has the accuracy needed for planning and modifying manufacturing facilities and production lines given the tight tolerances and constricted spaces especially common in European automotive plants. High resolution, plus the company’s color-camera option, also make it easier to visually identify textures and materials captured in scans.

Some iQvolution customers in the automotive industry report that 3D laser scanning has been critical in helping them transition their computer-based factory planning processes from 2D to 3D, as capturing existing conditions in 3D is a critical first step in this. One customer told us that before it adopted a 3D-based process for factory planning, its subcontractors sometimes took advantage of the confusion and ambiguity that inevitably resulted from having 2D plans only. Now the company reports it relies on 3D data to enable communication and understanding among people from different disciplines, sites and companies with higher confidence, and lower risk and cost, than was possible before. It adds that language barriers with subcontractors from different countries are mitigated by having 3D data to use in planning.

iQvolution markets its products not only to automotive OEMs and suppliers but other industrial and discrete manufacturers, government/defense-related firms, the process and power industries, and the nuclear industry. geovisit();


iQvolution offers an innovative “low-risk laser scanning” program designed to let customers begin using its technology by paying only about 50% of the normal list price of an iQsun 880 laser scanner (including hardware, iQrecord software and 50 scans).

European list price for the low-cost laser scanning program is as follows: To begin, the customer pays EU59,900 for the scanner, iQrecord software, and 50 “keys,” each of which allows the customer to execute one scan. After that, the customer purchases additional “keys” from iQvolution to make additional scans. Keys are sold in packages of 100 scans, and are emailed to the customer after the customer account has been debited. The price per scan diminishes, the more scans are executed:

  • Scans 1-8000 are priced at EU10/scan.
  • Scans 8001 and above are no additional charge. The customer receives a “golden key” that allows unlimited scanning, and the purchase is effectively paid off.

Pricing varies by geography. Purchased outright, European list price for an iQsun 880 scanner is EU135,000 with iQscene software, or EU125,000 without iQscene. For pricing outside Europe, contact the local company sales office or distributor.


Dr.-Ing., M.Sc. Bernd-Dietmar Becker
iQvolution AG
Koenigsallee 35
71638 Ludwigsburg / Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 7141 / 688 95-60
Fax +49 (0) 7141 / 688 95-61
[email protected]


Thomas Satterley
iQvolution Inc.
22 Blue Fox Lane
Richboro, PA 18954 USA
Tel. +1 215-396-7332
Fax +1 215-396-2912
[email protected]  geovisit();

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