January 30, 2019

Innoviz partners with HARMAN to sell its solid-state lidar to OEMs


To kick off the year of 2019, Innoviz recently announced a new partnership with HARMAN International, a Tier-1 supplier for the automotive industry, to make its lidar solutions available for purchase in bulk to OEMs globally.

As of last year, after a contract with BMW, one of the first in the industry for the production of solid-state lidar at scale, Innoviz became well-positioned within the lidar and automotive market, opening up the possibility to work with various OEMs around the world. With this recent partnership, that connection strengthens as both companies, HARMAN and Innoviz, make it easier for OEMs to access “automotive-grade, mass-producible lidar required for automakers to meet their ambitious goals of deploying autonomous vehicles (AVs) over the next decade.”

“HARMAN’s partnership with Innoviz reflects the company’s leadership in providing high-quality perception solutions now, and dedication to collaboratively pushing the automotive industry forward in the short-term, meeting automakers’ ambitious goals of autonomous vehicles in the next few years,” said Mike Peters, President, Connected Car, HARMAN International.

With more than 50 Million vehicles on the road equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems, the company will serve “as a strategic gateway to OEMs pursuing ADAS and autonomous driving technologies that are in desperate need of a sensing solution”, said Omer Keilaf, CEO and Co-Founder of Innoviz.

This solution will, of course, be InnovizOne, designed specifically for automotive deployments and automakers’ mass-production needs. The sensor features a detection range of 250 meters, as well as a field-of-view of 120°x25°, and depth accuracy of less than 2cm. It also offers a spatial resolution of 0.1ºx0.1º, with a 3D video resolution of 6 m per pixel, all running at 25 frames per second.

According to Innoviz, the InnovizOne “delivers on all of the automotive industry’s needs for performance, reliability, cost, compact size and product maturity, and is a sensor for next-generation autonomous vehicles”.

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