July 24, 2018

GeoSLAM and 3D Laser Mapping announce merger

A GeoSLAM point cloud.

Two UK-based laser-scanning companies, GeoSLAM and 3D Laser Mapping, announced a merger last week. “The merger of the two companies under one roof,” says an official statement, “will unify under one roof an extensive range of personnel and expertise in the mobile mapping industry.” Now, virtually every kind of mobile mapping hardware is represented in a single portfolio.

GeoSLAM is best known for its pioneering SLAM algorithms and ZEV-REVO line of handheld laser scanners. These lidar scanners have seen steady updates over the years, as have the associated software applications. GeoSLAM has developed a number of new options, such as a version of the scanner that registers point clouds in real time, in the field, and the GeoSLAM Hub software, which enables basic post-processing.

3D Laser Mapping offers a variety of hardware and software options, including the Robin, a lidar scanner that can be configured to operate attached to a vehicle, as a backpack, on a UAV, and an airborne mapping device. The company also offers dedicated solutions for vehicle-based mapping, and site monitoring.

Graham Hunter, the founder of 3D Laser Mapping, explained that the merger will also be a combination of complementary skill sets, with GeoSLAM bringing expertise in marketing, global sales, and distribution, and 3D Laser Mapping offering R&D resources.

The merged companies will now trade as GeoSLAM Ltd. For more information, check the company websites here: GeoSLAM / 3D Laser Mapping.

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