July 10, 2024

GeoLas Announces Latest Version of Geocode LiDAR Processing Software

GeoLas is thrilled to announce the release of Geocode 3.0, the latest iteration of its innovative LiDAR processing software. This new version introduces several key enhancements, designed to optimize performance, and streamline workflows for our users.

Key Features of Geocode 3.0:
  • Elimination of Temporary Files: Geocode 3.0 eliminates the use of temporary files, enhancing processing speed and significantly reducing the storage space needed for creating *.LAS LiDAR point cloud files.
  • 64-bit Compatibility: The software is now available as a 64-bit version, ensuring full compatibility with the latest Windows operating systems.
About Geocode:

Geocode is an intuitive software tool specifically designed to process raw waveform data collected by GeoLas’ ELMAP airborne laser scanner systems. It converts this data into geocoded point clouds within a map-projected coordinate system, with output options including customized ASCII, TerraScan BIN, or LAS formats. Geocode also provides geocoded waveform output in the „Geocode Normalized Waveforms (GNW)“ format allowing users to easily access waveform data for advanced applications.

Geocode is user friendly and efficient:
  • Ease of Use: Geocode has been designed for ease-of-use and efficient production. Once input files, processing, and output parameters are selected, the software requires no further user interaction. All parameter settings can be saved to “flight” savesets for later reference and reuse.
  • Batch Processing: A batch mode is available for processing data based on one or several previously defined flight savesets, allowing large projects to be processed efficiently overnight.
  • Optimized Algorithms: The transformation and projection, along with waveform analysis algorithms, have been optimized for speed, ensuring time-efficient processing. Users can control which processing steps are executed to minimize processing time during iterative processing segments.
  • Segmented Processing: Geocode offers the option to limit processing to specific segments of large raw data files, ensuring that time-intensive processing is focused on relevant sections.

About GeoLas Systems GmbH

GeoLas Systems GmbH is the leading manufacturer for high-performance airborne LiDAR sensors and systems in Germany. GeoLas’core business is the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for customers requiring precision LiDAR data acquisition from manned aircraft or heavy load UAVs for a variety of applications including forestry, urban mapping, and power line inspection.

Source: Lidar Magazine

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