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November 10, 2017

FARO SCENE 7.1 adds VR functionality

When FARO announced its VR Generator earlier this year, it wasn’t the company’s first step into new forms of visualization. It wasn’t the last, either. That trend continued this week when the company announced that the newest version of SCENE would include functionality for immersive VR experiences.

Version 7.1 not only renders your data using a VR headset, but supports photographic textures, “i.e., surface details of an object and rendering of 3D scan data so quickly that it appears to generated in real time.”

As with previous versions of SCENE, the functionality is available for use with scan data from any number of 3D scanners.

Once you’re inside your data, SCENE 7.1 offers functionality for capturing screenshots, tagging comments, and leaving notes attached to specific objects. Judging by the screenshot included above, it includes measurement capabilities as well.

This new release also includes functionality that allows users to share targets between FARO’s tripod-based Focus scanners and handheld Freestyle scanners. This enables users to verify scan registrations in a single registration report. Overall, FARO says, this update will make workflows using both kinds of devices faster and more cohesive.

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