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February 3, 2017

The Ellipse Series of Mini IMS is Now Even Better


SBG, makers of the popular Ellipse inertial navigation sensors, has made significant upgrades to the line. These upgrades have improved sensor performance without changing either price or form factor.

Most notably, SBG has incorporated improved accelerometers and gyroscopes with lower noise, improving the attitude accuracy of the sensors by a factor of two. Where the Ellipse line offered 0.2° measurements of roll and pitch, now that number has been to 0.1°.

Specific models in the line have been given further upgrades. The Ellipse-N, a sensor that also incorporates a L1 GNSS receiver, has been updated to support the Galileo constellation. The receiver was already compatible with the GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU constellations.

SBG notes that the new Ellipse sensors will be backwards compatible with previous models. As drop-in replacements, they don’t require any mechanical, electrical, or software integration.

The sensors are available now, for more information see SBG’s website.

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