February 6, 2019

DotProduct releases latest version of DPI-8 capture device, Dot3D 3.1 application


Handheld 3D-scanner vendor DotProduct has announced a number of upgrades to its product line, including a new version of its flagship 3D capture device, the DPI-8, and a new iteration of its Dot 3D Pro scanning application for Windows and Android. Here’s a quick breakdown.


These self-contained, handheld scanners are an incremental update from their older siblings. The DPI-8S (2-12 ft range) and the DP-8SR (1-6 ft range) still use a Primesense-enabled tablet with an 8 inch screen, but upgrade the RAM to 3 GB and the minimum storage to 32 GB for faster processing and storing larger scan projects. DotProduct says the new system offers improved battery life and touchscreen performance as well.

The most noticeable change is the form factor, which shaves nearly a centimeter in every dimension to hit 24 x 14.5 x 7.3 cm and a lower weight of 1.1 kg. It also offers access to the tablet’s 8 MP camera for snapping pictures while capturing—and stores them in the scan in the correct 3D location and orientation.

Both of the scanners are powered by the new version of Dot3D Pro. This application will replace the Phi.3D application, which will continue to see support from DotProduct but no new features.

Dot3D 3.1

DotProduct says that the new version of its software offers a number of upgrades over previous versions. New features include unlimited HD photo capture, scale bar targeting and control targeting, import and registration of CAD design data to DP point cloud data, and more.

Upgrades for existing customers

According to DotProduct, all DPI users on active maintenance contracts can upgrade to the new DPI scanners. Furthermore, the company has made provisions for upgrading the software. Per DotProduct:

“All DPI-8X/SR and DPI-8/SR customers on active Phi.3D Support and Maintenance contracts will now be transferred to a Dot3D Pro Maintenance Plan, and are eligible to upgrade their DPI tablet to Dot3D Pro immediately.” Contact the company directly for more information.

For more information about DotProduct’s latest, see the company’s website here and contact them directly.

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