October 15, 2016

DotProduct and Elysium Put Automatic Feature Extraction on the DPI-8


Press release highlights:

  • DotProduct announced the release of InfiPoints DP, which puts Elysium’s automatic modeling software on the DPI-8 handheld scanner.
  • InfiPoints DP enables users to extract planes and cylinders from scan data using the DPI-8’s interface.
  • Users can also export the pre-modeled data to CAD & BIM software such as OnShape, Autodesk Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and more.
  • The software comes with a free 30-day trial.
  • For more information, see SPAR 3D’s coverage of the product announcement back in April.

At INTERGEO 2016, DotProduct LLC and Elysium Co. Ltd. are announcing the release of InfiPoints DP. This powerful new Android application will allow DotProduct users to extract planar surfaces and cylinders from their scan data and export them to industry standard solid modeling formats, all on the same tablet used to capture the data. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the DPI-8 Kit for use in surface-based CAD & BIM design environments, both on and off the tablet. The end-to-end workflow is being demonstrated live at the DotProduct booth (#A3.010) all week at INTERGEO in Hamburg.

Phi.3D 2.1 & InfiPoints DP offer new rapid path from DPI-8 scanning to CAD and BIM
With the latest release of Phi.3D 2.1, all new and updated DPI-8 handheld scanners are ready for direct integration with InfiPoints DP. The new “Send Scene To” function in Phi.3D 2.1 offers several sharing and integration features, including direct export to InfPoints DP on the tablet.

Within InfiPoints DP, DPI-8 users can extract planes and cylinders from the scanned point cloud data, and export these features directly to IGES & DWG CAD files. This scan to CAD workflow can now come full circle right on the tablet, with the ability to export DPI-8 scanned data into mobile CAD tools such as OnShape or Autodesk Fusion 360. Off the tablet, this workflow is enabling import into mainstream solid modeling programs such as SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and others.

All new DPI-8 Kits will soon begin shipping with InfiPoints DP pre-installed, giving new DotProduct customers immediate access to InfiPoints DP, including a free 30-day trial. Existing DotProduct customers can also download and install the app from www.dotproduct3d.com.

“While the DPI-8 has proven itself as an excellent tool for reliable point cloud capture, there has always been a gap between point cloud scans and solid modeling and BIM tools. With the addition of InfiPoints DP to the DPI-8, we are one step closer to closing that gap, all on the tablet.”
– Tom Greaves, Chief Marketing Officer – DotProduct LLC


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