June 20, 2023

Aize and Cintoo announce new collaboration

The collaboration focuses on “heavy-asset industries” and aims to bridge the gap between digital twins and reality capture.
Aize software with Cintoo integration on a tablet.
Image via Cintoo

Earlier this month, reality capture solution provider Cintoo and digital twin software provider Aize, who specializes specifically with digital twins for heavy-asset industries, announced a new collaboration which they say is “aimed at elevating industry performance.” The collaboration between the two companies brings together organizations specializing in discrete pieces of the digital twin workflow, managing data in Cintoo’s case as well as visualizing it on Aize’s side.

Aize is still a relatively new company, having been founded in 2020, but one of the ways for young companies to provide the most value to their customers is to lean on the expertise of partners, which is what Cintoo can provide. According to the press release for this news, this new collaboration will allow users to bring as-built conditions from Cintoo Cloud into Aize workflows, helping to smooth the digital transition for companies looking to take greater advantage of digital twins. 

The press release continues, “The Cintoo API can now be used to provide a cloud -to-cloud connection between the Cintoo and Aize platforms providing access to assets captured via laser scanning, facilitating search, filtering, and visualization. Aize users can now search for and display Cintoo Cloud’s mesh-based reality capture data effortlessly.”

Cintoo specializes in helping organizations take what is often the first step towards key digital transformation in managing large amounts of reality capture data. The Miami-based company’s main offering is their Cintoo Cloud, which allows users to stream massive amounts of 3D data within the cloud, using just a web link. They transform laser scan data into high-resolution 3D meshes, maintaining the same level of accuracy while cutting the size of the data down by 10 to 20 times. In addition to the data management, they also provide in-platform tools to enable comparisons and assessments of data, and last year they were announced as an Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner.

As for Aize, while they are, as previously mentioned, a relatively new company, they were built out of the expertise of the Aker Group, a large investment group based out of Norway which was established in the 1840s and has a long history of working with industrial spaces, mostly within energy. Aize aims to provide the tools for organizations and companies to make the most out of their digital twin data, offering a software solution which allows for asset visualization, easy search capabilities within what is often a complex data ecosystem, collaboration between stakeholders, and third-party integrations such as this latest addition with Cintoo.

The value of digital twins is certainly not something which needs much explanation at this point, and today it seems like the problem is less around selling organizations on its value and more making it as simple and feasible as possible to adopt. It’s crucial that this onboarding becomes more possible, though, and particularly for industries like energy. Given the state of climate, we’re in a period in which transitions to new types of energies and facilities are crucial, and that transition is made much simpler with the use of tools like digital twins. This is the space in which Aize specializes, and welcoming Cintoo’s experience in making complex data accessible into their fold should be a boon for the industry as a whole.

In a press statement, Aize CCO Anders Brun said, “Having the opportunity to work closely with a seasoned and trusted company like Cintoo is a significant advantage for Aize. Our users are eager to seamlessly access a wide variety of data in their Digital Twin, and being able to visualize and work with reality capture data leveraging the Cintoo Cloud platform is an important step. I anticipate exploring the ways in which we can generate greater value for our existing partners and beyond.”

Dominique Pouliquen, Cintoo CEO, added, “Partnering with Aize, a leading supplier of cloud-based solutions in the Oil & Gas and Energy industries, is a major step towards the integration of as-built reality capture data in various Digital Twin and Asset Management workflows. We are looking forward to leveraging this integration between Aize and Cintoo Cloud platforms to serve our customers with the most advanced technologies in this space.”

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