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July 7, 2021

CupixWorks 2.0 upgrade has enhancements for builders and owners

Additional security, re-designed digital twin viewer top the list of new features.
CupixWorks 2.0 can import many forms of point cloud data into its unified 3D digital twin platform — including terrestrial and hand-held LiDAR scanners, drone photogrammetry, robots, and custom-built reality capture systems.

Cupix’s digital twin software platform, CupixWorks has provided construction professionals and building managers the opportunity to construct digital twins in an easy-to-deploy format. The new and improved CupixWorks 2.0, announced this month, brings upgraded features and options that both construction-centric industries as well as building management industries can use to their advantage. 

CupixWorks is a software application that allows construction and building managers to create a digital twin of a building. These digital twins provide the opportunity to have a “living” replica of the building reproduced in an online setting. They provide access to the various systems within the building as well as valuable information regarding the architecture and engineering of the building. The software was developed and maintained by 3D software experts. This expertise allows them to continuously upgrade their system to meet current building standards while also providing users with the opportunity to access and optimize different features. 

While the original CupixWorks software provided myriad benefits for building owners and managers, the company has built more features into their upgraded 2.0 version. These features include upgrades to building access and additional security. 

The platform now allows for automated 3D spatial information to be extracted and has additional editing tools that can help with 3D-based site management. They have also redesigned their digital twin viewer that can more easily integrate with third-party vendors. To support the growing use of reality capture in the AEC industry, they have added support for importing datasets collected from lidar scanning, drone-mounted 360 images and capture methods.

CupixWorks CEO Simon Bae hopes that this2.0 upgrade will allow for more cohesion between physical buildings and their digital twins.  

“In a world where surprises and complications are commonplace and costly, our solutions give customers the collaboration, confidence and control they need to stay on time, on budget, and on target.”

With the upgraded version of CupixWorks comes more opportunities to reach more markets. Since the construction industry is still heavily reliant on 2D software, this upgrade provides an opportunity for the company to reach more businesses in the construction industry. The new features will allow construction professionals to access more information as well as input more information as buildings are being constructed. User experience improvements for viewing can be beneficial for these professionals. Access and security upgrades will also open up new markets within the building management and project management industries. Additionally, usage-based pricing for CupixWorks could allow for greater reach into different price-point markets.  

While the new features included in this software have allowed the company to grow, there is still great potential for more development as the industry begins to broaden their adoptions of digital twins.. More details on the new release can be found on the CupixWorks website, and we’ll continue to follow the latest from Cupix and other innovations in building design technology on  Geo Week News.

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