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August 12, 2020

CupixWorks platform bridges BIM and reality capture in a simple, but powerful package


Founded in 2015, Cupix is a cloud-based software company whose flagship is a 3D virtual tour solution, providing a simple means of capturing indoor & outdoor scenes. In the last year, they’ve been working towards taking their technology to an enterprise audience, focusing on AEC/FM. The launch of CupixWorks is in response to the growing interest in 3D site documentation in AEC, and comes with some unique features. 

Aiming to be a flexible hybrid – offering a variety of capture modes and the ability to integrate with other software – CupixWorks seems positioned to reach those who want to get more out of their reality capture efforts at the professional level but without having to take the leap into costly hardware or complex software.

Three modes provide capture flexibility

One of the features that stands out in CupixWorks is the ability to capture a variety of modes of data. The three modes – single-shot, 360° video, and multi-shot mode – offer a breadth of options that allow you to prioritize speed, accuracy, or geolocation in varying degrees. When combined with a georeferenced project template, these captures bridge the divide between BIM and as-built conditions.

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