February 9, 2022

Color, New Workflows Come to the FARO Focus Swift Mobile Scanner

The update adds the ability to incorporate “semi-mobile” workflows, and adds the often-requested ability to capture colored point clouds.

At the 2022 Geo Week Conference, FARO Technologies launched an update to their popular mobile scanning device, the FARO Focus Swift. The update adds the ability to incorporate “semi-mobile” workflows, and adds the often-requested ability to capture colored point clouds.

The Focus Swift is designed to facilitate scanning for large projects and complex areas, speeding up the process significantly when compared to stationary scanners. 

With this update the Focus Swift now allows users to capture 10-20 second colorized “anchor” scans to provide greater accuracy and detail in important areas. This update integrates the Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera, allowing users to colorize their anchor scans—and with the new color feature, the point cloud detail and visualization are increased.

“Building managers need accurate data that's been acquired quickly so they can schedule different types of work, reducing downtime and material waste, and that data must align perfectly to the physical world,” said Oliver Bürkler, Product Director for Laser Scanning at FARO. 

“The Focus Swift addresses these common pain points in the industry today. With this update, building managers can use the Swift to help manage large and complex projects and facilities with confidence. Moreover, it allows for informed decisions to be made quickly and communicated effectively with project partners and key stakeholders, even if they don't have direct construction or facility management experience.”

The Focus Swift is an extension of the FARO Focus Laser Scanner. Effective for outdoor and indoor use, Swift is powered by FARO SCENE Software that automatically processes data from the Focus Laser Scanner and ScanPlan 2D Handheld Mapper into accurate 3D point clouds. Users can directly import data sets into any CAD system to simplify their modeling plan with automated processes and optimize their scan-to-BIM workflow. Additionally, Swift has can export scans to the cloud (via FARO WebShare Software) for easy sharing with project stakeholders, wherever they work around the globe. While Swift can be used “swiftly” as its name implies, it does not have to be. The versatile solution allows for any work pace desired and is particularly suitable for large-area scanning projects that must be completed quickly.

“Swift is an awesome step forward in innovation,” said Matthew Byrd of Nesux3d Consulting, whose team recently used Swift to scan a very large facility. “The mobile applications that are integrated with scanning offer a whole new level of benefits and advantages with the speed of quickly capturing large projects.”

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