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September 11, 2023

Team D3 and Cintoo announce new collaborative partnership

The move will bring the Cintoo Cloud platform for reality capture data management to Team D3 customers.

At the end of last month, Team D3, a technology solutions provider who serves the manufacturing, AECO, and Process and Powers industries, announced a new collaborative partnership with Cintoo, who provides solutions to manage reality capture data. In their release of the news, which centers around the Cintoo Cloud platform, Team D3 says that the partnership reflects the company’s “commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses across sectors to achieve their desired outcomes.”

The Cintoo Cloud platform, which is at the center of both this partnership and Cintoo’s overall business, is a cloud-based platform which allows users to stream large amounts of 3D data using just a web link. With Cintoo Cloud, AEC and surveying companies are able to view their 3D data at the resolution of the source scanner, and are able to collaborate around that data with other stakeholders using any internet-enabled device. Within the platform, users can view both their models and as-built scans within the same viewer, and can also use the data as the basis for a digital twin.

Now, as a result of this partnership, Team D3 will be able to offer their customers the same capabilities, something they note was missing prior to this. “At the heart of Team D3’s partnership,” they note in the press release, “is the introduction of a hardware-agnostic laser scanning solution designed to connect users with their extended project teams.”

In addition to adding access to this data for their customers, Team D3 highlights two other benefits this collaborative partnership will bring. Firstly, they point to improved collaboration which is brought on by the Cintoo Cloud platform, as alluded to above. Team D3 looks to enhance collaboration for each of the verticals they serve, so bringing in this ability to easily stream reality capture data across devices using just a web link certainly helps achieve those ends.

Additionally, the two companies announced that they are introducing asset tagging capabilities which can be integrated into various digital twin, asset management, and ERP solutions through Cintoo’s API infrastructure. In the announcement, Team D3 says, “This integration offers businesses a comprehensive solution that extends the functionality of Cintoo’s existing systems while streamlining project operations.”

Team D3 notes that they will be introducing additional services to the Cintoo Cloud platform as well, though there are no specifics as to what those additional services include.

As access to reality capture hardware becomes further democratized, it only makes sense that more industries and professionals will require easier access to the data and ways to manage the massive amounts of data these workflows create. That, in turn, makes it no surprise that this is the latest in a series of partnerships and integrations we’ve seen from Cintoo recently, including a collaboration with Aize and becoming an Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner

With Team D3 specializing in industries like manufacturing and AECO, their customers are at the center of this reality capture demand. I’d suspect this kind of move is only part of what will be a continuing trend in the industry to focus on reality capture data as the hardware required to collect it becomes easier to use and obtain.

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