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June 13, 2018

Bentley Systems on bringing AI to reality modeling and asset management

At SPAR 3D last week, I caught up with Bentley’s reality modeling sales director, Pascal Martinez to talk about the company’s latest 3D tech offerings.

We began the conversation by talking about Bentley’s latest cloud offerings, which offer parallel processing for fast model generation, all without the capital expenditure necessary for building a huge server farm.

Next, we got to talking about a workflow you likely already know: Capture your assets with photographs, convert those photographs to a mesh using ContextCapture, and then link pertinent asset information directly to the model. This, as Bentley explained, offers the “where” to asset management, and a 3D spatial index of your holdings.

The big surprise, however, is that Bentley is working on ways to bring AI to this process. Martinez told me that Bentley has a team working on technology that will automatically classify objects in your mesh—for instance, cell towers—and automatically create a 3D model.

Dig in below for an instructive conversation about AI in asset management, and how exactly humans will remain in the loop once machines can recognize objects without our help.


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