October 24, 2017

Automotive lidar maker Cepton debuts UAV sensor


Cepton, a company best known for selling low-cost automotive- and industrial-grade lidar sensors direct to consumers, has announced the launch of a sensor designed specifically for use with UAVs.

The SORA 200 boasts a 200-meter range, a weight of 500 grams, and a 200 hz frame rate. Like the HR-80 series automotive lidar sensors announced earlier this year, the SORA 200 features a design that uses no spinning parts for reduced size. Furthermore, it is built entirely from off-the-shelf materials, which reduces cost and improves delivery time.

To bring the device to market, Cepton is partnering with LiDAR USA. The company will act as the first reseller and system integrator for the SORA 200.

For more information about the sensor, see Lepton and LiDAR USA in booth #610 at the Commercial UAV Expo, October 25-26 in Las Vegas.

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