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August 1, 2023

alwaysAI announces new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

The new integration allows contractors to access computer vision insights within Autodesk Build or BIM 360.
Construction workers fabricating steel reinforcement bar at the construction site

Last week, computer vision solutions provider alwaysAI announced a new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud, allowing contractors to access the alwaysAI platform within their Autodesk Build or BIM 360 dashboards. Mutual customers can utilize the integration immediately by adding the alwaysAI Partner Card to their Autodesk Build Insight or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard.

alwaysAI has a number of solutions targeting different industries, all focused on getting real-time insights based on video feeds which detect objects, people, and events, helping to fill gaps in operations by monitoring areas which cannot always be monitored by workers on-site. The California-based company provides solutions aimed at a few different industries, including retail, manufacturing, large venues, restaurants, and of course construction.

The company’s alwaysAI Smart Construction solution utilizes cameras which are already monitoring many large job sites, and by using trained models can identify and interpret objects in real-time. Some of the uses outlined on the company website include monitoring safety procedures by identifying and flagging improper or missing PPE for workers on-site, monitoring gates around a site’s perimeter to ensure who is coming and going from a site and if a gate has been left open, tracking who and how many people are on site to maintain security for workers, and real-time progress of projects.

Now, with this integration the data provided by alwaysAI Smart Construction will be available right within Autodesk Construction Cloud, continuing trends we’ve seen recently - including with integrations between Trimble and Esri, as well as a new Integration-Platform-as-a-Service offering from Topcon - of integrating construction solutions to cut down on needing so many separate applications for each project. This specific information is, of course, key for any project manager, but can be complex to track in practical terms. 

Human workers can monitor some of these things, like PPE compliance and monitoring gate activity, but that methodology can be prone to errors and humans cannot cover an entire site at once. With alwaysAI’s solution, that work is automated and based on well-tested computer vision algorithms, leaving more time for managers to do other crucial work and further streamline workflows.

“Our new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud will help construction companies streamline the power of computer vision with the rest of their technology stacks,” said Marty Beard, Co-Founder and CEO of alwaysAI, in a press statement. “With this new integration, alwaysAI continues to bring the power of computer vision to even more enterprises looking to improve operations and drive more revenue.”

“Without real-time data and insights, keeping track of people and assets on a jobsite can quickly become a massive logistical challenge,” said James Cook, Director of Partner Integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “By embedding alwaysAI within Autodesk Construction Cloud, construction teams will be able to better track and manage critical project data and strengthen decision-making based on real-time insights.”

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