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October 30, 2018

Arvizio releases Revit plugin for quick mixed-reality visualization of 3D data

Arvizio Inc--Arvizio Brings Augmented and Mixed Reality Shared E
An MR Studio shared mixed reality experience using Revit 3D model. (CNW Group/Arvizio Inc.)

Last summer, we wrote about MR Studio, Arvizio’s software for visualizing enterprise data using Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed-reality headset. Though the solution featured a lot that would entice AEC users—better AR rendering of point clouds, a universal 3D format to handle all different kinds of spatial information—it was lacking somewhat in compatibility with outside software ecosystems. In the time since we first found them, Arvizio has worked steadily on improving this, with the addition of DotProduct compatibility, a new version of the software, an AEC collaboration suite, and now a Revit plugin for MR studio.

According to Arvizio, the plugin “provides an information rich transfer of models between Revit and MR Studio Director while preserving geometry, textures and associated metadata.”

The biggest benefit is that now Revit models can be viewed simultaneously with point cloud data, and in augmented reality rather than flattened onto a 2D screen. Arvizio’s Revit plugin also enables 1:1 scale interaction, overlay of Revit models and point clouds, automatic scaling and aligning with the real world, and persistent annotations.

This means users can compare many data types at once, and even participate in design meetings from distant locations around the world by viewing the latest design changes on their HoloLens.

This Revit integration, says Arvizio CEO Jonathan Reeves, will help the company improve the design process using mixed-reality technology. It will “allow firms to more accurately view their models, document key milestones, and collaborative communicate progress to project stakeholders.”

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