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October 28, 2022

An eye to the future for AEC processes

Three sessions focused on AEC innovations not to miss at Geo Week 2023.

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The architecture, engineering and construction industries are crucial to developing housing, infrastructure and essential services that allow citizens to thrive. The AEC industry is looking towards digitalization as a solution to the looming challenges of urbanization, aging infrastructure, staffing challenges, and inefficiency. If the industry can do better at keeping everyone on the same digital “page”, with updated information and actionable data, these challenges can be tackled when the right solutions are chosen.

Bringing together experts from across these industries, the Geo Week conference program has cross-cutting sessions that will provide a closer look at many of the most important topics in digital workflows in construction, data management, and how technology can be used to reduce waste and build more sustainably. The below 3 sessions are a snapshot of some of the innovations that will be highlighted on the Geo Week Conference Program.

The Future of AEC Digital Workflows

In The Future of AEC Digital Workflows, experts from construction end engineering firms will share the details of how they’ve leveraged new technologies - from drones to iPhones - to save money, improve safety, and streamline their processes. This session includes a discussion from of how AI-driven digital twins can be used for complex infrastructure asses and industrial facilities and what the next big leaps in infrastructure design will bring. Skanska USA Civil will give us a closer look at their $1.5 Billion “mega project”, the Portal North Bridge, and how the latest in mapping and reality capture was crucial in planning the massive undertaking. Jacobs will share how they created a detailed database of The Villages, a 22,000 acre retirement community in Florida using the latest in AI and mapping technologies, and more.

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Empowering Digital Twins

For some construction and design projects, the challenge isn’t necessarily about collecting the data, but what to do with the data once collected. While BIM for construction is a powerful tool on its own, how can BIM data and other collected information be used to create more detailed and up-to-date digital twins? In Empowering Digital Twins, the focus is on enhancing digital twins and BIM with additional data, whether from integrating geospatial data into BIM (GeoBIM), operational and synchronized digital twins, getting the most out of reality capture and reality mapping, and incorporating data into digital twin models.

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Driving Sustainable Development Through Digitalization

Climate change, increased urbanization and the impacts of natural disasters are large-scale, complex challenges to overcome. Designing and maintaining greener buildings, and cities, and creating more sustainable processes will be a key part of addressing these challenges. The foundation for more sustainable development requires accurate and up-to-date data. In Driving Sustainable Development through Digitalization, the focus will be on how data can help solve environmental and societal challenges through smart cities and sustainable development practices.

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Geo Week features more than 180 solutions providers showcasing the latest technology across the disciplines under the Geo Week umbrella – AEC, 3D technology and geospatial/lidar. A powerful conference program will detail practical applications, best practices, and innovative approaches to complex projects. Thousands of attendees will be onsite to network, explore market-specific challenges, and make headway on the larger issues facing the industry as a whole. Registration is now open -  click here to register today.

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