March 8, 2017

Amazon Buys Thinkbox, Maker of Popular Point Cloud Mesher

A mesh generated by Thinkbox's Sequoia software

Thinkbox Software been acquired by Amazon Web Services, according to a blog post by Thinkbox CEO Christopher Bond posted on the company’s website.

Thinkbox is best known for its visual effects rendering software, which is widely used in Hollywood film production. However, Thinkbox has exploited this expertise to develop products for the AEC space. The Sequoia application downsizes very large point clouds significantly by converting them into geometric meshes. Since it performs this task with almost no loss in visual fidelity, Sequoia has already seen enthusiastic adoption with firms in AEC.

TechCrunch reports that this is only the latest acquisition Amazon Web Services has made to “expand the kinds of services that it’s offering to users beyond basic cloud computing.” Other recent acquisitions include companies that offer security services, videoconferencing, and video encoding for “multiscreen content delivery.”

The buy seems to indicate that Amazon is getting into the content creation game by incorporating Thinkbox’s rendering solutions into AWS offerings. But it also hints at a possibility altogether more interesting for our industry: Amazon 3D data processing and delivery on the cloud.

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