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December 16, 2021

5 geospatial questions that will be answered at Geo Week

Geo Week 2022 will answer key questions on the latest sensors and techniques for mapping and surveying, and much more.

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In an industry with a long history of steady advancements, it can be challenging to navigate what new technologies can improve existing workflows and increase accuracy, and what is hype. At Geo Week 2022, our conference program is designed to help you navigate these unknowns with the help of experts, real-world case studies and more. What are some of the things you can learn at Geo Week? Here are five key questions.

1. What is the practical and actual future of aerial lidar?

From the development of new high-resolution sensors to the development of hybrid approaches that combine lidar and photogrammetry, aerial mapping technology has been a hotbed of development. Geo Week’s trade show floor, as well as the exhibit hall theatre, will host easy-to-access presentations that highlight the latest technologies available in aerial lidar and other mapping technology. Additionally, as part of the conference program, presenters will share case studies and discuss the new approaches that have advanced their aerial mapping programs.

2. How will advances in bathymetry sensors change the coastal mapping world?

While we’ve seen terrestrial topographic mapping steadily improving, for a long time the challenges of collecting accurate bathymetric data with lidar have been daunting. Thanks to a renewed push to understand vulnerable and valuable coastal data, as well as some innovative technological leaps – bathymetric lidar is now a hotbed for development and innovation. Both in the pivotal conference session and on the shot floor, Geo Week has its finger on the pulse of bathymetry sensors, techniques and case studies.

3. What’s the status of the 3DEP program, and what comes next?

It wouldn’t be a geospatial conference program without USGS and 3DEP Updates on the schedule. Presenters from USGS will share the latest areas of research, program updates and advances to attendees in this foundational session. The speakers will provide an overview of the USGS vision for the development of topographic information, including elevation and hydrography data, as well as a progress report on the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP).

4. What does the Intersection of “Geospatial and Built World” actually look like?

In the last few years, geospatial software companies have piloted various ways of integrating their technologies into AEC workflows, and the ROI of such efforts has been repeatedly demonstrated. The digitalization of the construction process is only the first step towards the integration of BIM and geospatial information. The connection between these two traditionally siloed domains - geospatial and AEC - can transform project outcomes, enhance productivity, and save on waste and costs. Rather than modeling buildings to be constructed on a blank, white page, methods for integrating geospatial information at all stages of the building lifecycle are emerging. How can GIS and BIM workflows be strengthened by coming together, and how are these disciplines beginning to overlap? Can these innovations bring us closer to developing greener, smarter cities? This intersection will define the future of numerous industry sectors.

5. How are mapping professionals transforming raw data into actionable insights?

Advances in data collection - via laser scanning, photogrammetry and other sensors - has generated an unprecedented amount of information. Several years ago, the question was “how do we get this information?” The question has since evolved into “what can we do with it?” In the end-user-centric conference program at Geo Week, presenters and panelists will share how they’ve used, analyzed and assessed incoming data to make decisions that ultimately increase their ROI. Does doing so reduce “re-work” and create new outcomes not previously possible? How are users avoid drowning in data? Insights around this topic will define how users of all types quantify the value of the adoption of a new piece of technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about these advances at Geo Week 2022, use the link below to register or see more of the 3D-related conference sessions here.

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