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August 24, 2016

This Week in 3D - 8/24/16


Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Pick up First Passengers in Pittsburgh [The Verge]

This watershed moment raises vital questions about the future of autonomous transport, like—Who will clean the car when its passenger throws up?

The Demand-Driven Opportunity for Geospatial Data [POB]

“We are seeing an expansion across industries in the demand and expectation for geospatial information,” and that means big opportunities for surveyors and other providers.

New Zealand Uses 3D Scanner to Measure its Troops []

Kiwis are so tall, they need to scan their troops to be sure their equipment fits.

Cloud Technology Can Solve Construction’s Skilled-Labor Shortage [Line/Shape/Space]

Here’s why using 3D tech and cloud solutions to lure young, skilled employees.

BIM Assure: cloud-based model checking [Extranet Evolution]

BIM Assure looks “to interrogate beyond the geometry in a model, and to ascertain if required information has been created and modeled correctly to meet different milestones during a project.”

Ingenious Power Tool Uses Augmented Reality to Make Perfect Cuts [Wired]

If you’ve ever failed to cut a piece of wood evenly—this is for you. The device uses machine vision and some fancy robotics to ensure straight, even cuts every time. The possibilities are endless.

Take a 3D tour of LA’s hidden Batchelder chocolate shop [Curbed]

“The exquisite 1914 Batchelder tile installation that covers the walls of the Dutch Chocolate Shop in Downtown Los Angeles is still not open to the public,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a tour.

Reviving King Tut with 3D Scanning [AEC Cafe]

Creaform on scanning a life-sized replica of a famous King Tut statue.

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