February 20, 2015

Dear 3D Nation: 2D Is King

Dear 3D Nation:

We are feverishly racing to be the coolest cat in the room. Software guys, hardware manufacturers, and, potentially worst of all, the service providers are stepping over each other to utilize the latest technology [guilty]. We’re like junkies in search of the next, better fix.

In fact across America, we’ve become obsessed with 3d in almost every facet of our lives. Tell anyone you work in a “3D industry” and they’ll usually say “cool” and follow up with a question about 3D printing or a prediction about the future.

Who doesn’t want to be the coolest guy in the room? And shame on us, we tend to exaggerate our own stories just enough to leave the person in our casual encounter with a hint of jealousy…man if he could only be me!

So…here’s the pie in your face…2D is still king! Yep, sorry 3D Nation, but 2D is still the language everyone understands. It’s safe. It’s multi-generational. It’s cross-cultural. It’s understood. And it doesn’t require me to train my brain on Revit, Rhino, or Maya.

2D is still America’s comfort food!

But to that point, we all know comfort food can be fattening and cause long term illness. So, my proposition to you 3D visionaries out there–don’t leave behind your friends who are enjoying biscuits and gravy; get them to eat healthy! Hook new clients on what they know, and help them drive them to a much healthier lifestyle in 3D.

If you’re already good in 3D, then cooking up some 2D comfort food for this purpose should be easy. You’ll also profit in the process.

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