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October 20, 2015

SPAR Insider Podcast Ep. 5 Robert Dingess, CEO of the GTMA

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We’ve been working behind the scenes on reviving the SPAR Insider podcast in a new and improved format. Today, I’m proud to announce our relaunch—with a great interview with Robert Dingess, President and CEO of the Geospatial Transportation Mapping Association.

Recently, Robert wrote an op-ed for SPAR where he argued that a national spatial accuracy standard for the collection of transportation assets should mirror the standards used by private companies when they create the dynamic maps used by automated vehicle systems. It was a provocative point, so I invited him onto the podcast to go more in depth.

Listen and you’ll learn how Robert’s plan would allow vehicles and roads to talk to each other and learn from each other, how it would benefit transportation management, and how he has accounted for the concerns of the surveying community.

Listen on, and keep an eye out for more episodes in the near future:

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