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September 2, 2015

Quick VR from a Database of Scans

screenshot of VR device in action

Before you get too excited, remember that this is a proof of concept. It works–but there’s no product to buy just yet.

David Finsterwalder has developed a method for virtual reality visualization of scan data stored in a database. And he did it in a week.

As he explains:

“The Database consists of ~17000 single measurements from several excavation campaigns over 10 years and is visualized with a different 3D Symbol per Artifact category. Showing all 17000 Symbol Meshes at once is made possible through instancing (and thus reducing draw calls to ~300). Through this method the whole scenes with all Artifacts shown runs in rock solid 90fps on a GTX 970 and i7 4770K.”

It’s not hard to imagine uses for this product, which utilizes a relatively inexpensive HTC virtual reality dev kit and the Unreal Engine 4. If this was ever released as open-source software, that could be a big deal for those who want to quickly and cheaply visualize LiDAR data. 

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