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August 3, 2017

Spectacular Photogrammetry


If you’re an old hand at 3D technology, chances are that photogrammetry doesn’t often impress you anymore. Well, prepare to be impressed again.

The Oddviz collective specializes in photogrammetry for interactive 3D models and videos. Though their process is common, their results are not: For a recent project, they used 10,000 photographs of the Sofa Hotel to generate a dynamic video that shows you the hotel as if you were unrestricted by line of sight. Click play and you’ll see a dynamic view of the hotel moving between the inside and out, down to the individual objects in every room, in all of its incredible visual complexity.

As for their inspiration, Oddviz explains that they wanted to remove sections in the manner of “medical imaging practices. This way, interior becomes observable with an optically impossible perspective.”

See their website for more visually stunning photogrammetry work.


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