October 25, 2017

More experimental photogrammetry


Remember oddviz’s hotel scanning project from a few weeks back? The group is becoming known for its gorgeous photogrammetric capture of buildings, and its method of displaying those captures in layers–much like a medical scan. They call it their “contextures” series.

Now, the group is back with a more historically oriented (but no less spectacular) entry in the series.

“Orphanages are dense and harmonious living spaces housing hundreds of children under same roof simultaneously. Abandoned Jewish Orphanage Building in Ortaköy (OHR-tah-keuy) Istanbul (also known as El Orfelinato) has been home for thousand lives during its century old history. It holds the memory of the past in worn stairs and layers of paint.

oddviz sheds light upon the visual and spatial memory of El Orfelinato, documenting it as it is with photogrammetry and presenting it in doll house view.”

See more below.

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