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October 30, 2016

HoloLens' Full Potential for Large-Scale 3D


By now, we’ve all seen a lot of videos showing how HoloLens can be used for various parts of the AEC process. That’s lot of time watching architects add windows to buildings, construction workers see where an i-beam is meant to go, and customers walking around inside a virtual version of a finished space. One thing these demonstrations have been short on is scale.

This video from Fracture games adds a lot of scale–it demonstrates how HoloLens data can be used to show proposed changes to the London skyline. Fracture has also included a lot of nice aesthetic touches, like a small plane flying over the model, or a view that includes the London underground.

That’s not the only reason the video looks nicer than we’re used to. It was also shot from an external camera with HoloLens data superimposed and, likely, cleaned up a little bit.

It’s an intriguing look into the future of the HoloLens, and a possible taste of what happens when designers start paying more attention to the little details.

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