February 28, 2018

A fresh take on volumetric music videos


Since the release of Radiohead’s video for “House of Cards,” any music video constructed from volumetric 3D scans has seemed a little, well, stale. Lucky for you, Marcin Nowrotek has found a fresh approach.

The director used a Kinect sensor to film a number of musicians performing the piece “Sleepwalker” by Polish jazz composer Maciej Obara. This part, he says, reflects reality in the most accurate way. Here’s where it gets interesting: He blended this with what he calls a “musical layer,” which uses the sound recording as a tool for generating abstract visualizations that don’t reflect reality.

The result is an odd blend of real and surreal, and a clip that takes an old idea and makes it new again. (And the music isn’t half bad, either.) Watch below.

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