November 1, 2012

Could you use $15k to preserve some history?

Historical preservation is firmly established as one of the applications where 3D data capture can unquestionably provide real benefits. As history races forward, being able to create near-perfect digital replicas of places and things that will inevitably disappear from the Earth has a priori value. But that doesn’t mean doing it doesn’t cost money.

So, it’s great to hear that storage-maker EMC is bringing its Heritage Trust Project, which provides grants to those using digital means to preserve cultural heritage, into a second year. Last year, CyArk took home third prize (and $5k) for its efforts in documenting Mission Dolores, a project that just was unveiled to the world last week. This year, you’ve got until November 9 to get your entry in.

Basically, you’ve just got to go to EMC’s Facebook page and like it, and then navigate your way to the entry form, also housed on Facebook. Don’t have a Facebook page? Well, time to enter the digital age, folks.

Also, per the rules, “Entrants must be currently and physically located and reside in either the United States, Canada (excluding residents of the Province of Quebec), Republic of Ireland, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, Chile, or Mexico. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter on behalf of an eligible organization. Government officials and government owned entities may not apply.” Why the Quebecois can’t get in on the action, I’m not sure, exactly. You’ll have to take that up with the folks at EMC.

After you enter, there will be a period where people can vote for you (after they’ve liked the EMC Facebook page), and you’ll be encouraged to head up that vote-gathering effort. If you think you’ve got a decent fanbase, and can rally them, this could very well be worth your time. $15k, $10k, and $5k prizes will again be awarded. Certainly SPAR will get behind any 3D data projects that make it to the finals. Might as well go in your pocket as anyone else’s. Good luck.

And, as an aside, the more scanning projects that enter the more likely it is that EMC’s attention is drawn to the point cloud marketplace. With all the data you guys create, I’m really surprised the storage makers still haven’t really done any marketing to you or created any systems tailored to your workflow. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time.

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