July 9, 2024

Around the 3D Technology Industry: Subsea Wreckage, Drones & Lidar, Reality Capture & Digital Twins

A look at stories from around the internet covering the latest in 3D technology.

At Geo Week News, our coverage of the 3D technology space in practice includes a number of different areas and technologies. So, when we put together this weekly look at stories from around the web, we try to hit different buckets with each story to hit every need. This week, those three buckets include a very cool case study for photogrammetry, capturing subsea wreckage. Then, we move on to a higher level look at an industry or technology, in this case the integration of lidar with drones. And finally, we have a look at an overall use case, in this case using reality capture and digital twins for recycling.

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Unique 3D scan shows detailed outline of sunken Tulsamerican bomber from 1944

Peterjon Cresswell | Time Out

Generally speaking, when we talk about reality capture and photogrammetry at Geo Week News, we’re almost always talking about work on the land. There is data collection happening underwater, but it’s a small portion of the work and often includes technology like sonar. In this case, though, classic photogrammetry was used under the water to provide the most detail ever recorded for a sunken World War II bomber. This article highlights the team that completed the project, and went into detail about why and how it was completed.

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Charting the course of drone and Lidar technology

Wim van Wegen | GIM International

Today, it feels like table stakes for surveyors to use drones that are carrying lidar sensors for payloads, opening up safer workflows and new potential projects at the same time. It wasn’t all that long ago that this was groundbreaking technology, and we shouldn’t lose sight of the advantages opened up by this innovation. In this article, van Wegen recounts his time spent at this year’s YellowScan LiDAR Convention, talking about the company’s journey as a leader in lidar equipment for drones as well as end users who have implemented this technology into their day-to-day operation.

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The potential benefits of reality capture and digital twin technology

Deanne Toto | Recycling Today

Sustainability is front of mind for every industry and every corner of the globe today, and there are a number of different paths to reaching our goals. Recycling isn’t the most cutting edge technology, but it still goes a long way toward being a more sustainable society, and it’s a space that can certainly be innovated. In this article, Toto interviews Anthony Butchbaker of Spartan Scanning Solutions about how reality capture and digital twins can help change the entire recycling space.

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