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The Digital Twin in Action

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

The idea of a “digital twin” – a living, constantly updated and analytical representation of an asset, building or system – has been gaining momentum. As IoT sensor technologies improve, cloud computing becomes more robust, and companies realize the power of applying machine learning and AI, the future of the digital twin seems bright. Learn how a variety of structures from automotive manufacturing facilities, to oil & gas refineries, to a pro football stadium are using digital twins to create real efficiencies. The discussion will identify the tools used, challenges, value and what is ahead.



Dave Truch

Dave Truch, EVP & CTO, VyzAI

Ted Mort, Chief Innovation Officer, Zelus

Tony Sabat, Director of Workflow, Kaarta

John Brown, Supervisor - Reality Capture, General Motors




Jeremiah Karpowicz, Executive Editor, SPAR 3D