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Practical AI and FieldTech Implementation Strategies

Thursday, June 27, 2024 | 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern Time | Free Webinar

With all the talk about technology revolutionizing field operations, it’s time to focus on practical implementation steps. This webinar will unveil how the strategic use of AI, drones, and sensors is transforming fieldwork.

Join Coleman McCormick, Fulcrum’s VP of Product, Zac McCormick, Fulcrum’s CTO, and Jared Carey, TREKK Design Group's Innovation Specialist, to learn about: 

  • Field innovations: Dive into how field technologies like drones and 3D cameras improve data collection and site management.
  • Artificial Intelligence in action: Gain insights into how focused AI implementations, such as object identification in pole inspections, are radically speeding up field operations.
  • GIS and field technology: Learn the benefits of integrating FieldTech into Fulcrum can ultimately benefit your GIS with better data for visualization and analysis.

Don't miss out—discover how these technologies can empower your field operations!


Coleman McCormick
VP of Product, Fulcrum

Zac McCormick
CTO, Fulcrum

Jared Carey
Innovation Specialist, TREKK Design Group