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NavVis IndoorViewer: Find out how you can create and deliver 3D buildings in just a few clicks

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

In this webinar, you will find out how easy it is to leverage point clouds and deliver an entirely new building scan project deliverable that brings added value to every stakeholder. NavVis IndoorViewer is web-based 3D building visualization software that lets user interact with and enrich laser scan data as realistic, fully immersive digital buildings. The intuitive interface and realistic 3D view are especially popular among building stakeholders without the technical expertise to work with point clouds and advanced software. The easy publishing, online access, point cloud streaming and organizing make it a popular tool for laser scanning and AEC professionals who wanted an added deliverable for building scan projects, an easy way to publish and share scan data and on-the-go access to scan projects.

Top 5 takeaways

  1. How to leverage point clouds for an innovative new building scan project deliverable
  2. How to deliver web-based digital buildings with every scan project
  3. Added value of including NavVis IndoorViewer with every building scan project
  4. Overview of the top NavVis IndoorViewer functions
  5. The benefits of accessing, storing and organizing building point clouds online


Lisa Cali,
Head of Product,
Web & Cloud,
NavVis IndoorViewer

Robert Huitl,
Co-Founder & Head,
NavVis IndoorViewer


Carla Lauter, Editorial Analyst, SPAR 3D

This webinar is provided free of charge and underwritten by a sponsor. Following the webinar, you may be contacted by the sponsor with information about their products and services.