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Leveraging 3D Reality Meshes for Real-Time Asset Management and Monitoring

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

Penn State University is a public research university with 24 campuses throughout Pennsylvania. Penn State's objective is to create a "virtual campus" for all its campuses to manage and monitor their assets in real-time.

Starting with its largest campus, University Park, Penn State explored reality modeling as a solution. The challenge was to find a single system to index their large amount of data which resided in different systems and saved in different formats.

To capture the site, the team took 2,400 aerial images with a Cessna at 1,000 feet. Using Bentley’s ContextCapture, they generated a highly detailed 3D reality mesh. And leveraging Bentley’s i-model Transformer technology, Penn State linked their assets to GIS, BIM and custom information systems allowing campus stakeholders to monitor day-to-day and long-term operations of buildings and structures on a single interface.

- Learn best practices for capturing images to create a 3D model
- Learn how to generate a 3D reality mesh with ContextCapture
- Learn how to link design files, GIS data, and other documents to a 3D reality mesh
- Learn how to leverage 3D photo navigation in your 3D model
- Learn how to integrate construction information to visualize new buildings




Alton B. (Buddy) Cleveland, Real World Capture



Pete Liotino, CEO of Real World Capture



Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins, SPAR 3D Editor


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