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Introducing The Next-Level Road Lidar for Improved Pavement Digitization

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The new XenoTrack is coming! XenomatiX provides fast, accurate and cost-effective pavement inspection by combining the latest technologies in LiDAR sensors and mapping algorithms. XenomatiX' Road Lidar, XenoTrack, is known for its value in constructing the full 3D digital twin of road surfaces, enabling calculation of evenness indices, 3D-quantifying the seriousness of the damage, and, providing highly intuitive insights into the road profile and even causes of several road distresses. The new updated version of XenoTrack provides even more accuracy and real-time international roughness index analysis, all in a new, sleek design.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The new Road Lidar specifications
  • The different versions of the system
  • The new applications online and offline
  • The special launch conditions


Kris de Meester
VP of Sales and Business Development