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Improved Understanding and Visualization of Complex Data Using 3D Monitors

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Join us for a round table discussion to explore how 3D monitors can unlock a new dimensions of data analysis for faster and better outcomes. In this webinar, hosted by Geo Week News, participants will review and discuss challenges in photogrammetry, and geospatial solutions like surveying, mapping, construction and boundary surveys as they review industry best practices in using 3D monitors in their daily work.

Join us for an enriching webinar that highlights the transformative impact of these cutting-edge 3D monitors. Attendees will explore 3D monitor benefits, including: 

  • Improved data accuracy and precision with greater image clarity and depth
  • Deeper insights and understanding achieved in a more interactive experience
  • Quicker and more confident decision-making with improved modeling and design capabilities
  • Dynamic interactive analysis enables more interactive engagement and thorough analysis of data sets


Kurt Vanderheiden
Business Development, KELYN3D

Josef Schneider
Managing Director, Schneider Digital