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How to Use AI to Unlock the Potential of Your 3D Point Clouds: 3 Industry Examples

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

It is nothing new that 3D point clouds have a big potential to transform the way we used to capture the real world and extract valuable information out of it. The questions is how this potential can be leveraged on a large scale. Recent advances in 3D Deep Learning research show that the time is here to apply AI solutions on 3D data and enhance the creation of digital twins. However, even though point clouds and AI have been applied to challenges in Geo Processing individually with great success the combination of both remains elusive for large scale practical applications.

In this webinar we will illustrate how you can combine point clouds and AI to unlock the potential of your 3D data. In addition, we will explain what is needed to make this possible. All of this we will showcase with 3 industry examples from the sectors mining, infrastructure and city planning and will share the results of how we combined 3D deep learning approaches with state of the art geo-processing to automate very time consuming tasks as:

  • Point cloud classification
  • Change Detection
  • Generation of tree inventories
  • Extraction of vector models
  • Creation of 3D city models


Sid Hinrichs

Sid Hinrichs, Head of Consulting, Supper & Supper GmbH


Carla Lauter

Carla Lauter, Editor, Geo Week News