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Exploring Innovative Solutions in AEC: AR, VR, MR, Gaming Applications and Beyond

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

Virtual and augmented reality platforms can save the time of physical model creation, they can also be used to identify potential design flaws, convey difficult-to-comprehend design concepts to stakeholders, and give a better "feel" for a project. Furthermore, thoughtful approaches to XR, integrated with other technologies such as the cloud and gaming can provide the opportunity for holistic thinking around lifecycle from design to destruction, Digital Twins, Smart Cities. But to succeed, you need technological capability at every level of the supply chain. This panel will discuss the current state of technology, what’s needed, and the possibilities for the future of AEC.



Salla Eckhardt, Director of Transformation Services, Microsoft

Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

Saeed Eslami, CEO & Co-Founder, Visual Live 3D, LLC

Eldon Parry, Sr. Project Manager, Apollo Mechanical 



Linda McLaughlin, Conference Program Manager, Commercial UAV News