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Reducing Survey Data by Using Photographs for Precise 3D Models

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-Demand Webinar | Free

CEDARVILLE Engineering Group created a reality mesh from digital photographs and old survey data to support planning, design and maintenance

The professionals at CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, LLC have developed a workflow to generate an accurate Reality Model created with ContextCapture. The reduction of the digital model into survey features and topography was completed using Bentley's Civil Software. A key to the success of this workflow was the precision of the model achieved through digital photos tied to ground control. The process saved time, generated instant value, and gave the engineers a true 3D model to advance planning and design.

Please find below the Top 5 take-aways for the on-demand webinar:

  • Learn the Reality Modeling workflow for compiling a 3D model
  • Learn how to create a model utilizing ContextCapture & edit in MeshLAB
  • Learn how to create the surface utilizing Bentley Descartes and InRoads
  • Learn how to create and finalize a base topo file utilizing Bentley Descartes and InRoads
  • Learn how to create and finalize a base plan utilizing InRoads and QGIS




April M Barkasi, PE – President & CEO, CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, llc 


Chris Skorny, 3D Modeling Specialist/ UAV Pilot, CEDARVILLE Engineering Group, llc


Chintana Herrin, Reality Modeling Product Marketing Manager, Bentley Systems



Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins, SPAR 3D Editor


This webinar is provided free of charge and underwritten by a sponsor. Following the webinar, you may be contacted by the sponsor with information about their products and services.