Busting Myths and Overcoming Fears of Moving AEC Files to the Cloud

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On-demand Webinar | Free

According to a survey conducted by AEC investment firm FMI, over 90% of projects are overbudget or delayed. In response, AEC companies are looking to cloud technology to improve workflow efficiencies and streamline their processes. Unfortunately, moving mission-critical CAD and 3D models, and other engineering and project files to the cloud has lagged behind other IT initiatives. In this webinar we debunk some of the myths (AKA concerns) people have had about moving to a cloud-based file infrastructure. We talk with 29-year IT veteran from Perkins & Will to learn how he overcame similar corporate objections and made the transition to a modern file services platform built for the cloud. We also have a cloud expert with 12 years technology experience from our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing perspective on the changing landscape of cloud and edge technology in the AEC space. Join Jason Patterson of Nasuni, who has 10+ years of AEC IT experience, along with Greg Fait, Director of IT Infrastructure from Perkins & Will, and Rachel Bradshaw, Sr. Global Business Development, AWS IoT and Construction Vertical, to discuss the realities of moving AEC files to the cloud.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The reality to myths surrounding using the cloud to store, access, and manage AEC files
  • What’s involved with transitioning AEC business assets to a file services platform built for the cloud
  • How AWS cloud technology brings flexibility, global scale, and business continuity to AEC firms
  • How Perkins & Will overcame the inertia of continuing to use traditional file servers and NAS hardware


Gregory Fait

Gregory Fait, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Perkins & Will

Jason Patterson

Jason Patterson, AEC Technical Account Manager, Nasuni

Rachel Bradshaw

Rachel Bradshaw, Sr. Global Business Development, AWS IoT and Construction Vertical