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Best Practices for Managing Reality Modeling Data

On-Demand Webinar | Free

On-demand Webinar | Free

Reality modeling is going mainstream, providing precise real-world digital context for the creation of digital twins for use in design, construction, and operations. To achieve this precision, the methods of capturing digital context have quickly evolved to include the use of more continuous and dynamic mapping systems, leveraging multiple sensors. Users are capturing data, while walking, driving, and flying, taking images and LiDAR scans at the same time and over different periods. This results in a fast data capturing process, creating large data volumes from multiple reality data sources. Proper organization and management after capture and before any processing, map production, asset modeling, or data sharing is more than ever a crucial step in your reality data chain. Through several transportation uses cases, discover specific examples of how companies are successful in using Bentley’s reality modeling portfolio to create a single, up-to-date data environment.

Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Optimize and manage the massive amounts of captured imagery, point clouds, meshes and 3D mapping data coming from several sources
  • Avoid the daily challenges of handling and sharing large reality datasets
  • Easily manage your captured reality data properly using Bentley’s reality modeling software
  • Save time by automating workflow from capture to map using properly managed captured data
  • Make better informed decisions with more up-to-date reality data


Lomme Devriendt

Lomme Devriendt, Senior Manager, 3D Mapping, Digital Cities, Bentley Systems


Leslie Rosa

Leslie Rosa, Sales Manager, SPAR 3D