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Advanced Processing for Imagery, Point Clouds and Reality Meshes with Bentley Descartes

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Previously Recorded:  November 15, 2015

Thanks to innovative new technologies like Bentley ContextCapture, infrastructure and geospatial professionals to automatically transform photographs into accurate 3D models of the real world, called reality meshes.  But in order to fully benefit from these reality meshes, users need to be able to make use of them with their existing software applications.   Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition provides the tools to directly integrate reality meshes into architectural, engineering, and geospatial workflows to enable better design decisions with precise real world context.

In addition to its support for reality meshes, Bentley Descartes also provides powerful tools for working with point tools.   Learn how Bentley Descartes can save you time and improve the quality of your deliverables by giving you the ability to combine and integrate any combination of CAD, BIM, and GIS along with 2D and 3D imagery of all types, including reality meshes and point clouds.


• Learn how Descartes will help integrate any 2D or 3D imagery into engineering workflows to speed well-informed design decisions and improve the overall quality of a project
• See how Descartes enables both mapping and surveying professionals and engineers with tools to extract ground and breaklines from 3D reality meshes and point clouds
• Understand how you can quickly generate orthophotos on any axis from reality meshes
• Learn how to combine any types of CAD, BIM, GIS and imagery precisely.
• Find out how you can produce stunning visualizations with seamless integration with Bentley LumenRT


Kurt Rasmussen,
Senior Application Engineer

This webinar is provided free of charge and underwritten by a sponsor. Following the webinar, you may be contacted by the sponsor with information about their products and services.